Colouring Mandalas for Relaxation

Have you considered colouring mandalas for relaxation ?

Children can find relaxing very difficult.

They have minds that are filled with education and new experiences, an overload of fast images from screen time and TV. They have so much to process, so much to learn, no wonder it can be hard to switch off.

Colouring mandalas for relaxation has always been a wonderful way to encourage children to be still, calm, focussed and relaxed and it is no longer just the domain of the very young.

mandalas for relaxation

 Mindfulness Mandalas


How colouring mandalas for relaxation works

Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. They have their roots in Indian and Buddhist culture and actually they are important in many religions. In spiritual terms the mandala is seen as a representation of the universe. In fact the balanced, symmetrical radial form of a mandala can be seen everywhere in  nature from cells to flower centres. But you do not have to see it spiritually for it to be effective.

In comparison to free form drawing studies have found that mandala designs draw the colourers into a meditative-like state that helped reduce their anxiety. It is believed this is due to the concentration required to focus on colouring  a mandala and yet not having to ‘overthink’ or make decisions they may detract from a mindful, meditative state. (Art Therapy)
Deep relaxation and creativity are important qualities for children and can help them hugely if they feel anxious or stressed. Colouring such as this is not ‘too young ‘ for any child and you may want to keep them company by colouring a mandala alongside them. I think you will be surprised how good it makes you feel.
Whether it’s power is mystical or purely symmetrically pleasing there is a kind of magical relaxation that comes with colouring a beautiful mandala. It is a simple, effective way to help children feel calm and centred.

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