10 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

10 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day.

Yay, there’s rain! Actually… when’s the last time you heard someone say that? It certainly wasn’t me, and I’m sure not many parents, either.

If you’re a parent, you know what rain can bring. A long day inside. Bored kids. A bomb site for a house. Doesn’t sound like the best time, does it? But, there are actually some ways it can be fun, for you and your kids. We’ve shared 5 great tips below to get you through those long, rainy days and make the most of time with your kids.

10 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

  1. Make An Indoor Den

This is a really fun one and brings endless entertainment for hours. Let your little ones’ creative side loose and have some fun by making a den. Who doesn’t have major nostalgia from building a fort?

This Top Tips for Building a Den is a great place to start. How could your kids make it their own? Could they add fairy lights, cushions or blankets to make it cosy? Or, maybe they’ll bring in a torch to take you into their spaceship! Let your kids go into a world of their own on this rainy day.


10 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

  1. Have A Movie Marathon

Snuggling down on the sofa (or in a den) with a movie marathon is a cosy way to relax and keep your kids entertained during bad weather. And there are so many ways to make it fun! Why not try this Movie Night at Home Kit for a fun way to get your kids excited about your at-home cinema? The kit includes creating your own admission tickets, sweet Popcorn Recipes, movie games and more! What else could you need? Oh, yeah… maybe the films.


Want some ideas for kid’s trilogies? Look no further:


  • Shrek 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Age Rating PG)
  • Cars 1, 2 and 3 (Age Rating PG)
  • Ice Age 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Age Rating PG)
  • Toy Story 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Age Rating PG)
  • Madagascar 1, 2 and 3 (Age Rating PG)
  • Kung Fu Panda 1, 2 and 3 (Age Rating PG)
  • How To Train Your Dragon 1, 2 and 3 (Age Rating PG)


  1. Play Some Board Games

Such an easy and fun way to pass the time. Stimulate your kids brains with a good board game of their choice. Why not try some traditional games such as this free printable Guess Who board game? Or, maybe Ludo or Snakes and Ladders?


  1. Get Mindful With Some Colouring

If you’re wanting something calmer – why not keep your kids occupied by doing some mindful colouring? They can enjoy themselves and feel independent whilst giving you a bit of freedom, too. No matter what your kids love, there’s something to colour for everyone. This free Pets Colouring Sheet or these Dinosaur Colouring Pictures could be a source of great fun for your little ones!


10 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

  1. Put Together a Treasure Hunt!

This one is more simple than it sounds. You could hide household objects around the house and enable your child(ren) to find them, or let them take control and draw their own treasure hunt on this Pirate Treasure Map Template for you to find their treasure. Or, you could use this Indoor Treasure Hunt Activity to lead your kids on their own adventure. It includes 10 descriptive clues for them to follow along.


  1. Make Their Own Slime

None of the above tickling your (or your child’s) fancy? Making their own slime is an unusual, fun and sticky thing to do! No seriously though, it’s not as messy as it sounds. You can watch this video to show you how to make Simple Slime. It’s a great activity as the fun lasts for days after, too! Creativity in kids is always a good thing to encourage


  1. A Good Ol’ Bake Off

If you can brave nipping out into the rain to grab some ingredients, then you could have your own bake-off at home! What’s their favourite treat? Get them involved in making it with you and give them the independence to try following you and doing it themselves. If your little ones like cakes, you could bake these Blueberry and Cinnamon Muffins Recipe or try these Butterfly Cupcakes.


  1. Make A Milkshake

Similar to baking… but slightly healthier. Milkshake doesn’t always have to be unhealthy! This free Dried Fruit Milkshake Recipe is still a really tasty and yummy treat for your kids but doesn’t have the nasties of a usual one! Plus, you can get your kids involved in making it with you.


10 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

  1. Make An Epic Scrapbook

This is a really nice idea to introduce your kids into the world of scrap booking if they’ve never done it before. Asking them what their favourite things are or what they would like to scrapbook could be a great start, scrapbooks don’t always have to be with photos. They might want to scrap book their favourite films or their favourite person. You could try using this How to make a superfan scrapbook for one of your kid’s favourite actors, superheroes or singers.


  1. Plan An Escape Room

An escape room is a great way to get your kid’s brains whirring and support them in processing information. You can help improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills and memory when deciphering clues and codes. This Alice in Wonderland Escape Room Game is a fantasy themed game which can spark their interest. If your kids are a little older, try Secret Codes and Ciphers from the recent family favourite film “Enola Holmes 2” which will be sure to get them thinking.


We hope you’ve found this blog helpful and that these activities will make your rainy day a little more… well, dry. But also bring fun bonding opportunities for you and your children.

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